Magical jungle skirt

Open shoulder top and jungle print pencil skirt

Hello everyone! It's almost summer, isn't it? And I hope the weather is nice and warm in your part of the world. Today I'm showing a very summery look with an open-shoulder top paired with a light pencil skirt. Usually such skirts have a slit at the back but this one has one at the front instead. There are also two pockets in the skirt but the most interesting part is the skirt's lovely print of course. It features some kind of magical jungle with a few animals hiding among the leaves.


Ethnic summer look

Ethnic Indian summer dress with wide trousers from Biba

Today another ethnic look, a cotton set from Biba: a floral print dress, wide ankle length pants and a dupatta. Sometimes I like to wear Indian clothes especially when they are that pretty and stylish as this ensemble. I don't understand those who live in a foreign country and never ever try on what local folks wear. It is always fun for me and I really enjoy wearing ethnic clothes.


Ethnic printed tunic

Boho style outfit: long ethnic tunic over maxi skirt

Hello everybody! It's been two weeks since my last post...I didn't notice it...how time flies, huh? Is it spring? Or is it age? Frustrating...Anyway, to my today's outfit...all in black-and-white which is not exactly my colour palette but the tunic's print brightens up the whole look. There are several patterns mixed together and the front and back of the tunic are absolutely different. Nevertheless all those prints look harmonious.


Kimono style jacket

Zara oriental kimono style jacket worn over navy blue dress

This oriental print kimono style light jacket I bought last summer. I like it on its own but as it turned out it is very hard to find what to wear this thing with: it's short and loose, with that deep v-neckline and a zipper in front. It doesn't look nice with jeans or any pants (or at least I don't like how it looks) and it goes well only with pencil style skirts but then again, you need to find a suitable top. So far I found only two dresses in my wardrobe that I can wear along with this jacket, and one of them I am showing today.


Patterned corduroy skirt

Vintage St.Michaels corduroy skirt with knit top

This vintage corduroy skirt from St.Michaels was found by my daughter in a charity shop in London and then given to me. Isn't it gorgeous? St Michael was a brand that was owned and used by Marks & Spencer from 1928 until 2000. The skirt's tag proudly says "made in the UK". I am in love with its pattern and colour palette.